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Theta Chi House on York

Theta Chi CrestOur ΓΛ web site is designed to promote the story of Theta Chi's Gamma Lambda Chapter, and to enhance the communication between its members; past, present, and future.
Theta Chi Fraternity was founded in 1856 at Norwich University in Norwich, Vermont. The Gamma Lambda Chapter at the University of Denver, Denver CO has been an active chapter from 1948-1980 and 1997-present.

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Theta Chi House at 2455 East Asbury
Gamma Lambda House at 2455 East Asbury
Our Fraternity House from 1959 until the late 1970's.
Old House Update Photos 2013

14 Year Anniversary
Dec 2015 - Seattle Meeting
Nov 2015 - CSSF Update
Jun 2015 - Harry Poindexter
May 2015 - CSSF Solicitation
Mar 2015 - Jim Smith Passes

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